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English, Spanish, Polish

Family Lifestyle

we are home schooling, we are non smokers, we can provide special dietary needs, we have special dietary needs

Family Interests

We love everything creative and we live our lives full of passion and part of it is arts & crafts, yoga, tai chi, meditation, creative drumming, creative martial arts, writing, teaching…and much much more!

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We are a travelling family of 4, have a 7 year-old wonderful boy and a 14 year-old creative girl. They are home educated so we can be together all the time. Travelling is our lifestyle, we move from one place to another always following our hearts. The travelling is a way for us to discover ourselves and our final destination where we will settle down for longer.We are happy to meet wonderful people and families on our way to get inspired with the way they live and to learn new things, share our life experience to inspire as well, and most of all to meet people who see positive things around them. Our kids love to meet new friends at all ages as they are really friendly and open minded. We are vegetarians (but not dogmatic), non smokers, we both cook great nutritious food (Ayurveda inspired), we love the nature, gardening and a balanced life style

Length of stay

we are flexible

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we are flexible


We can do both