Location: DIJON

Family Profile


English, Spanish, French

Family Lifestyle

we are non smokers

Family Interests

traveling, outdoor activities, dancing, eating…

Your Childrens' Age

Nahoa (male) : jan 2009 and ALUNA (female) : july 2012

Describe your Family

We are simple people so we like to share simple and authentic experiences. We are open minded and on-going people so we would like to teach to our children to open to the world, to go towards people while opening the eyes and the heart, to be happy with few and little things. CATHY is always happy and shiny, she is bornt to be a mother, she likes dancing. PAT is more cartesian, he likes nature activities. Both like traveling and like to share experience with people. NAHOA is a tall boy of 5 y.o., his name means "heart" and it's true he's lovely. He likes contact games, he has lot of energy to spend. He speaks french and spanish already. ALUNA has 2 y.o. She is a very cute but very dynamic girl, she's cute and start to speak…

Length of stay

less than a week, we are flexible

Length of hosting

less than a week, we are flexible


We can do both


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