Location: Melbourne

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Other languages

a little spanish 🙂

Family Lifestyle

we are home schooling, we are non smokers, we can provide special dietary needs, we don't accept pets, we don't accept smokers, we don't have pets, we have special dietary needs

Family Interests

family fun, travelling, learning, national parks, rving,

Your Childrens' Age

9 and 7

Describe your Family

Deciding we wanted to spend time with our children, we sold everything and began travelling in Oct 2007 and have been travelling since. We love spending time with our children, meeting new people and learning new things. Madi was 2 and Denny 7mths old when we left Australia and though we have been back twice, then love travelling and are smart well adjusted fun loving kids. We have spent a lot of time in Nth America, a little in central and south america and currently travelling around Europe and having a wonderful time. We have so many more places we want to see and fun adventures to have and we very much look forward to meeting you all somewhere… sometime. cheers lee

Length of hosting

less than a week


We would like to stay with host families


Your Family Profile Name

Travelling Brightons